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    Kohli Export Packaging India Pvt Ltd introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Total Packaging Solution required for automobile, engineering, electrical, valves, control panels & other various types of industries.


    We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of Total Packaging Solutions required for automobile, engineering, electrical, valves, control panels & other various types of industries. We are an ISO Certified Company and operate from Pune with a well equipped modern plant and technical expertise and experienced team to deliver with pride & commitement the best qualityproducts. We design and consult for complete packaging for the customers want to export their goods for the first time. We also have very good association with multinational logistic companies to povide our customers with a turnkey service from
    Manufacturing and packaging industry worldwide has come a long way with advent of technology. To keep pace with this exponential change,export houses have made fundamental changes in their structures. There are fine examples of business that have adapted to this,and one of them is the multi disciplined technology group

    – Kohli Export Packaging India Private Limited

    Located in Pune, Kohli Export is a name that is synonymous with quality, progressive growth and high standards in manufacturing and packaging. Proud to be recognized amid the most documented and sought after manufacturers and exporters of VCI packaging products, Kohli Export specializes in a range of packaging solutions with the motto of delivering corrosion resistant, lightweight and long lasting solutions. Kohli Export is hell bent at following ethical code of conduct and ensures timely delivery schedules.

    About The Man At The Helm

    Kohli Export Packaging (I) Pvt. Ltd is a brainchild of Mr. Amarjeet Kohli. Mr. Kohli is a well refined gentleman with vast industry knowledge and experience.Under the well manoeuvred leadership of the founder, Kohli Export has come a long way since inception, and has been consistently progressing and improving to remain dated with the changing trends and demands to reach new pinnacle in the industry

    Why choose Kohli Export VCI Products

    Corrosion is an enemy of metal items, especially when packaged for storage and distribution.Traditionally used anticorrosion methods are costly and can be hazardous to personnel and the environment.As a solution, Kohli Export VCI products deliver corrosion-free,clean and ready to use metal products. VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) involves creation of an invisible protective layer on the surface of the packed metal by virtue of volatilisation of chemicals present in the packaging material. This protective layer works as a barrier between metal surface and elements causing rusting and corrosion. VCI packaging products guards all ferrous and non ferrous metals, aluminum, silver and even gold from corrosion and tarnish.

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    Facilities And Diversity

    Kohli Export touts ultra modern design and fabrication facilities. Courtesy its world class conveniences, the company is able to provide clients with customized packaging solutions, tailor-made for their needs. Stringent quality measures undertaken at Kohli Export ensure a range of products are at par with the internationally permissible quality standards.Products manufactured at, or packed in Kohli Export material have been meeting needs of large base client throughout India and working for export market.

    3000 mm Coating & Lamination Machine
    Extrusion Lamination
    Extrusion Lamination
    Screw Extruder
    Coating Machine
    Slitting & Rewinding
    Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    Woven Fabric Machinery
    Woven Fabric Machinery

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